Aikatsu! My Paradise
Series Info
Created in May 13,2015
Precedded by Aikatsu!'
Motif United Nations
Created by Usagi Hishikawa
Other Information
Opening Song Do Re Mi!Melody
Ending Song Believe It!

Aikatsu! My Paradise is an Aikatsu Fan Series created by Usagi Hishikawa. Its main motif is United Nations. Its new central protagonist is Amanogawa Miharu.



Four CornersEdit

All members of the unit have their first name based on the four seasons and the first two members' surnames are based of the sky while the other two members' surnames are based on land.

  • Amanogawa Miharu (天の川 美春?)
    • Miharu is the new central protagonist of the series. She is optimistic,carefree and claims herself as the only number one star who vows to defeat the current top idol,Kamimiya Hana. A cute idol,her prefered brand is Aurora Fantasy. Her theme color is lime green. She is voiced by Kana Asumi.
  • Hoshizora Akiya (星空 秋矢?)
    • She is voiced by Kumiko Watanabe.
  • Nakajima Natsumi (中島 夏美?)
    • She is voiced by Etsuko Kozazura.
  • Kobayashi Mifuyu (小林 美冬?)
    • She is voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki.


All members have their surnames based of the four cardinal directions.

  • Kitagawa Kamera (北川 かめら?)
    • She is voiced by Megumi Nakajima.
  • Minamii Iris (南井 いりす?)
    • She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
  • Azuhashi Nana (東橋 なな?)
    • She is voiced by Nana Mizuki.
  • Nishimiya Dia (西宮 ディア?)
    • She is voiced by Rumi Ookubi.

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Hikawa Miyuki (氷川 海雪?)
    • Miharu's roomate. She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa.
  • Amanogawa Haruka (天の川 春花?)
    • Miharu's younger sister who also attends Starlight School.
  • Saekyo Kurumi (冴京 来雪?)
    • A student from Dream Academy.



All main characters have their singing voices provided by the units Suite* and 3H.

Op & EdEdit

Insert SongsEdit


New BrandsEdit


  • In related media,the characters are planned to be voiced by Morning Museum.
  • The series was created before the User's birthday.
  • Most of the character's names are written in kanji.