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Aikatsu! Echo
Aikatsu! Ekō
General Information
Created onApril 1, 2015
DirectorFujiwara Hibiki
WriterFujiwara Hibiki
NetworkTV Tokyo
Hibiki TV
Original RunOctober, 2016
Opening SongStarring*You
Ending SongLalala Dream
Series Info
Genre(s)Japanese Idols
Aikatsu! Echo (アイカツ!エコー Aikatsu! Ekō?), short for Idol Activities! Echo (アイドルカツドウ!エコー Aidoru Katsudō! Ekō?), is a Japanese idol anime created and directed by Fujiwara Hibiki, which is the first installment of her Aikatsu! franchise. The series' first season premieres on October, 2016 with its main motif being dreams.





  • Ichinose Nozomi (一瀬のぞみ Ichinose Nozomi?) - A cute-type idol and a first year student of the well known Starlight Academy. Nozomi is a happy-go-lucky girl who is hard working and loves to play the violin. She lacks self-confidence, thinking she doesn't have the talent to be the top idol and she can't keep secrets. Her favourite brand is Wishing Star☆彡 and her solo song is Wish Upon a Dream.
  • Vanessa Evergreen (ヴァネッサエバーグリーン Vanessa Ebāgurīn?) - A pop-type idol and a first year student of Starlight Academy. Vanessa is a 12 year old transfer student from Texas, United States of America who has a talent for singing and dancing. She is can be quite shy but when she starts to open up, she is very loud and cheerful. Her favourite brand is Magical Toy and her solo song is Star☆Bright=Star☆Pop.
  • Ueshima Akane (上島あかね Ueshima Akane?) - A cool-type idol and a first year student of Dream Academy. Akane is Nozomi's childhood friend who strives to become a top designer and idol. She is quite optimistic, is a klutz and never fails to make others laugh with her jokes. She can be very serious when it comes to her studies. Her favourite brand is LoLi GoThiC and her solo song is Mystery Girl.
  • Kudō Onpu (工藤おんぷ Kudō Onpu?) - A sexy type idol and a second year student of Starlight Academy. Onpu is admired by all first years and mentee to Nozomi. 

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Dreamy Wish SystemEdit

The Dreamy Wish System is the Aikatsu System of this season. The system was decided to be the yearly theme that the top designers decided on together in secret before revealing it to the public. 


  • Starlight Academy (スターライト学園 Sutāraito Gakuen?) - An all-girls school deticated to training idols. 
  • Dream Academy (ドリームアカデミー Dorīmu Akademī?) - A rival idol school for girls to Starlight Academy.



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  • Aikatsu! Echo was revealed and created on April 1st, which is Ōzora Akari's birthday.
  • Aikatsu! Echo is the first Aikatsu! season where the idols have solo songs that they write themselves. 
  • Aikatsu! Echo is the first Aikatsu! season to have the youngest idol in the main cast at the age of 12.